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In 2009 we started down this path, searching for what is best for the horse and its rider.

We have a team of the best saddlers, some of them working in this field three generations ago, putting into practice their love for this vocation and their experience working with leather. Our goal is to provide the client wishes, always prioritizing the connection with the horse.

We are constantly working to develop and improve our products, using high quality materials and the best technologies, in combination with our knowledge, resulting in the perfect product.

Our CEO, Santiago Salerno, is a professional rider who is part of the Argentina national team of cross country. That is why he really knows what the rider is searching in a saddle and also what are the horse needs. 

Horse Brand Company, developed for riders by riders.


We work together with our riders to generate new ideas and projects, always searching for comfort, security and improve the performance of their horses.


Olympic jumping rider, born in Chile where he began his equestrian career, following his father steps. In 2008 he came to Argentina to follow his dream, where he became one of the most recognized riders, that’s when he began to be part of the HBC team. Today he is participating in the Grand Prix in Mexico and continuous working with us. With Carlos we developed a joint project, in which he was given the opportunity to create his own saddle using his imagination and knowledge to create a unique model. “The saddle is what connects the rider with the horse. This is very important to me, but especially to my horses. HBC is a leading brand in design, research and development that prioritizes the welfare of the horse and the comfort and safety of the rider.”

Carlos Milthaler


Professional rider that just with 23 years old he won the CSI 3* Grand Prix in Puebla, Mexico. In 2021 he decided to travel with his horses to Europe participating in the grand Prix´s, obtaining very good results. Now he continues and develops his career in Argentina, always staying in the top 10. "HBC saddles give me and my horses a lot of safety and comfort when we are jumping, which is very important to me, I am grateful to be part of this team".

Manuel Chechic


Professional rider, who is entering in the big heights events. Pilar is the owner of one of the most recognized stud farms in Argentina, focusing on the breeding, training and sale of the best show jumping horses. "I feel very comfortable with HBC saddles from the first day, I choose to be part of this team and my horses are very grateful too. I am very happy to be part of the HBC team."

Pilar Sobrero


Dressage rider who is very recognized in Argentina and other South American countries. Participated in the ODESUR Games, obtaining team silver medal. Ana was one of the latest additions to our team, with her help we are expanding and improving our dressage products.

Ana Vigil


Eventing rider, who is part of the Argentine team. He participated in the Pan American Games in Peru. In 2022 he won the silver team medal in the South American Championship. He also won several titles in Argentina, such as the national championship. He received the Jorge Newbery award. In 2018 he obtained first place in the South American championship. He is one of the most recognized Eventing riders in Argentina.

Juan Benitez Gallardo


Young rider that is forming his career as a professional rider in the big leagues, obtaining excellent results with his horses, under the coaching of his father Hernan. In 2022 participated in the Children`s Suramericano Championship, representing his country, Argentina, in Pre-junior, achieving a silver medal with his team and the 5th place in the individual Championship. Great promises for the equestrian future!

Bautista Monez Ruiz

mesa web badnera

Born in an environment where horses were a fundamental part of his life, having the advantage of growing up in a family dedicated to horse riding. Throughout his career, Lucas has achieved a number of notable achievements including national titles, representations of Argentina in international competitions and multiple Grand Prix victories. Lucas has been part of the Argentine team in the ODESUR Games and pre-selected for the 2023 Pan American tour. His goals are to continue integrating and representing his country in high-level competitions, always remaining at the top of his discipline and working tirelessly to achieve new goals and achievements in the world of horse riding.

Lucas Mesa

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